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Private lessons description
Each student will receive one-on-one Piano Lessons instruction, tailored to his/her needs, learning the greatest piano music from past to present times.
Each lesson is goal-oriented, with inspirational and encouraging practice tips. Support towards Practice is offered throughout weekly student- teacher interactions, not only during scheduled lesson times.
During private Piano Lessons there are different aspects touched such as technique, sight-reading and improvisations along with educational theory games/activities, so popular among our beginner students.
The Art of Piano Technique Competitions:
Sometimes throughout School year we have PRIVATE Lessons dedicated towards Piano Technique. During such Lessons students play the number of scales, pieces and related technique exercises along with the musicianship aspects such as ear training and sight-reading.
There are 3- Art of Piano technique Piano Lessons throughout School year: two Semi- Finals, and One Final usually at the end of School year. Students compete within their current Piano lessons grade, with 1st-Prize Award in Finals.
Such competitions are especially beneficial to students, taking Conservatory Program, although ALL are welcome to participate.