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I was so happy, Mila to find your site! CHEERS from Montreal. You are the BEST Teacher is out there. You could easily to continue to teach me your great insights in Magill U.
School Events for 2017-2018
Please Note: There are No Regular piano Lessons during the Masterclass Lessons Week, with the exception for Theory subject’s lessons, which are booked on Tuesdays during the Master-Class lesson’s week.
There is the possibility to schedule the Makeup Piano lessons missed due the illness. There are NO makeup lessons for the missed Master - Class lesson.
November 22 – 23/2017 – Master - class Lessons
December 5 -12/2017
(During the Regular Piano lessons week) First Round ofPiano Technique Competition (Semifinals) for students taken their Piano Examination during the Winter/2016 Session. Half of the Technique ex./scales should be prepared plus One Study, half of the Sight-reading book.
Although such competitions benefit students taken the Piano conservatory exams, yet Everyone is WELCOME to try this challenge.
February 07 – 08/2018 – Masterclass Lessons
(During the Regular Piano lessons week): For Conservatory Grades 1 –4 all of the required technical ex.
Should be prepared, including Two Studies.
Grades 5 –10- Half of the required technical Ex. Should be prepared including One Study. .
APTA PIANO FESTIVAL is pending confirmation regarding scheduled time and location
May 23-24/2018 Masterclass Lessons
May 29 - June 5/2018 – PIANO TECHNIQUE COMPETITION FINALS With the Prize-Awards.
(During the Regular Piano lessons week):
For all of the Conservatory levels prepare every technique ex. and Two Studies, ET and the final sections from the Sight-reading book. With the Prize-Awards.
June 1/2018 - APTA Creative Competition - the Deadline to apply.
The Piano recital is pending Confirmation in regards Time and location.