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I was so happy, Mila to find your site! CHEERS from Montreal. You are the BEST Teacher is out there. You could easily to continue to teach me your great insights in Magill U.

Our two kids “grew up” with Mila. It has been 10 years; both our son and daughter took piano lessons at Calgary piano spectrum school. We’ve been lucky to have ONE teacher all these years, starting out as pure beginners and growing into advanced piano players. Every year is a true exciting journey into learning greater piano repertoire. Both of our kids are enjoying play in front of the audiences, in talents shows and piano festivals. Mainly, both kids are enjoying learning piano, good at it and confident in many things they love to do.
Mary-Anne and Tim D.

My daughter Alyne came to Mila 7 years ago from different teacher. From the “shy piano player” she grew into sophisticated Piano performer. With gaining experiences in technique competitions, Masterclass lessons, Piano festivals and Recitals (she never had those events with the previous teacher) Alyne truly LOVES to play piano and plays it so well. We are proud of her achievements, many thanks to Mila for teaching her so well. Our daughter is also the honorable student with RCM examinations both in Piano and Theory.
Karen T.

I always wanted to take lessons from piano teacher who has Russian background . Of course Russia is huge country, and I was lucky to learn Mila graduated from St.Petersburg Conservatory, place where all my favorite great composers came from including: Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, and more. I’ve learned a lot, and still keep coming for number of years to piano spectrum school. I love the Masterclass lessons along with Music history classes a lot! Every private lesson feels like few more steps bring closer to desired results with pieces and technique. Frankly, I never liked RCM examinations in my early grades, but later in intermediate grades and now being in Grade 10 Piano it feels so awesome, I can play piano so well. LOVE it!
Lianna X.

My technique improved greatly over the past 4 years I’ve been with Mila. Now I am not afraid to play tough Liszt and Scriabin music. I enjoy Haydn Sonatas and Gershwin music, it takes a bit of practice, yet with the help of experienced piano teacher and pianist one can never go wrong by trying to accomplish serious Piano repertoire.
Daryl E.

Mila is one hardworking teacher. Both my son and me are taking Piano and theory lessons from Mila. She is gifted teacher, who is knowledgeable and open to helpful educational ideas. Each lesson is goal-oriented, so the pieces can be learned faster and with good quality (depends on piece’s difficulties) of mastering all of the piece’s aspects. I am now in Grade-9 piano myself, and my son is entering Grade-1 in Piano examination system. I hope both of us will keep coming to Mila for years to come.
Stephanie F.